The Basic Reason To Implement Marketing Automation For Online Store

Marketing Automation

Let me ask you a question: If you had the ability to save time, money, and increase sales, would it be a secret? Imagine that marketing automation was commercial confidentiality 10 years ago. This secret was the basis of well-known commercial giants such as Costco, Amazon, and Walmart.

Automation is not a secret anymore, but it’s still not a common practice for most business owners. It’s cool that you have discovered the many benefits of automation tools for your eCommerce shop. You will be able to enjoy the benefits of these tools if you use them correctly.

Nowadays you can find numerous automation tools for your marketing activities. Automation can be used to establish nearly all of your business processes. This is why automation is so popular. You might have many tasks that you need to manually manage. How many? How much time do these activities take up? How many people do you need to employ to manage these processes?

Automation is something we could talk about for hours. But, we will now be focusing on marketing automation. If you want me to tell you about the automation of different business processes for your online store.

Every new customer will receive a greeting letter

How would you feel about sending a greeting card to everyone who signs up for your newsfeed, places an order, or registers? Showing gratitude is important because you have a high chance to increase the LTV of customers. Your brand will show appreciation and a positive attitude to your customers. If you offer a discount on your next purchase or other promotional offers that are beneficial to customers, the effect will be stronger.

This will give the customer more reasons to return. The main point is that this letter doesn’t have to be sent manually every time. It is enough to simply write a letter that is professional, attractive, and easy to automate.

If you use promotional offers, it is important to remember to change the content. It would be wonderful if you spent some time analyzing open rates and click rates for such letters. You can improve the content and subject lines of your greeting letters if the conversion rate is low. Here is how your automation will look like if you use Active Campaign:

To remind customers about your brand, send them “Come Back” emails

Sometimes a customer forgets his email and decides to delay or cancel the purchase. You can remind him about your store and give him a reason to return. Inform customers about exclusive collections and limited-time offers, for example. Don’t forget to tell them how much you love them.

Every time you write another letter to a potential customer, we recommend that you put yourself in his shoes. Try to be friendly and not intrusive, to excite the customer’s curiosity, and to highlight the true benefits of shopping in your online store. Remember that there are many other people out there trying to get your attention. Do it right the first time.

You can also use a trigger to connect the automated letter.

Marketing automation: Use abandoned cart emails

Did you know that 77% of shopping carts are abandoned across the web worldwide? This number keeps growing every year. There are two choices: ignore it or take advantage of it to increase your eCommerce support store’s revenue potential.

It is crucial to not lose touch with customers after they abandon their cart. You can set the right trigger to remind customers about your store. This offer can be enhanced with a discount and information about your willingness to assist customers with problems. Don’t forget about updating the letters with the relevant content after setting the automation. You can change the structure, buttons, and call to action in the letters if you notice a low conversion. Ask a friend or colleague to review the letters and give his opinion.

Gather information about your customers

To see what’s happening on your website, connect email marketing with it. This will allow you to learn more about your customer’s product interests, and personalize your marketing. This is exactly what customers want today: a personal approach. Every time you learn something about your customers, tag it and send them the best offers. This strategy will increase conversion and customer engagement, as well as loyalty.

A must-have for any marketing automation system of an online store is loyalty programs

Loyal customer wants to feel your attention and appreciation. How do you reward customers for making certain purchases? It is possible to always remind customers about the points they have earned, which can be used for their next purchase.

It’s smart to create a strategy for passive customers of your brand since there are always active and inactive customers. You need to remind them, give them a push and offer different reasons for them to shop in your online store. You can analyze their behavior data and track this information in your marketing automation system to find out the exact reasons. Once you are comfortable doing this, your technology will be able to nurture your customers.

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